About Us

UnitedByPaper has been created by & for Papercraft designers to offer exclusive deals on quality premium papercraft templates.

Its marketplace allows papercraft designers to register and sell their products, and, papercraft lovers to register and buy their favorite papercraft models.

Customers always come first and with a lifetime download guarantee and unlimited support – we are sure you will love shopping with us.

For you papercraft enthusiasts:

- We wanted a beautiful and intuitive website where you can find what you are looking for in few clicks, where you can easily search and compare the templates. In short, one and only place for your passion.

- We wanted an easy registration process / only one click if you register with Facebook, a simple customer dashboard where you can access your previous orders / downloads whenever you want.

- We wanted a transparent payment process where buyers know that 80% of each sell goes directly to the artist.

For you papercraft designers:

- We wanted a beautiful website where adding products is easy and where the fields to fill are in accordance with our product.

- We wanted to offer free marketing tools, but, most important, a transparent commission system. Indeed, on UnitedByPaper, there are no listing fees (you can publish your items for free), no listing validity, but only a fix rate commission on each sell (you get 80% of the amount paid by the customer).

If you are a designer, we hope that all these reasons will make you want “to join the adventure” and be a part of our growing seller community.

If you are a papercraft enthusiast, we wish you to find here what you are looking for, to discover or rediscover our paper art and all its benefits.


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