Frequently Asked Questions

The items sold on UnitedByPaper are templates / patterns. Once you will have purchased one, you will have to print it and check that you have the necessary tools. Then, you could assemble your own paper sculpture.

The templates are digital files (PDF) that you could download (or receive by email) as soon as your purchase will be confirmed. Generally, the templates come with step-by-step instructions which explain the necessary tools and the technique.

If you have a specific question about a specific model, please, contact the seller directly from the model page.

Of course, everybody can make it. You will just need the right utensils to do it but more important, you will need time, motivation & patience. It is a fiddly job, but it is entertaining.

Many people say that Papercraft is therapeutic. For sure, it allows to focus on something else, a handmade art with a self-rewarding final.

If you have never done a paper craft sculpture before, it mustn’t stop you. Just follow the instructions & you will soon realize that it isn't so difficult than what it seems.

• A pair of scissors to cut each part of the pattern.

• A scoring tool to mark/score & fold the pieces (it could be a ball point pen without ink, a small cutter or even better a paper scalpel like X-Acto).

• A ruler (metal ruler is better).

• The printed pattern.

• White paper glue (semi-liquid white vinylic glue).

• A cutting mat or even a smooth wood board.

We recommend a paper of at least 200 GSM (Grams per square meter). But it depends of the size of the final sculpture. If the model is big, it is better to use a thicker paper. If the model is small, even a 160 GSM can work. You can ask the seller if you have a doubt about the best paper to use for a specific model.

The format of paper/sheet is A3 or A4 - Tabloid or Letter in the USA (some of the templates can be printed only with A3 or A4, some models can be printed in A3 or A4 paper). Check the model specifications if you have a doubt. And, if you can find an answer there, ask directly the seller.

Once you will have bought the template, you will have it for you, so you could make the sculpture any times you want.

However, you can’t sell, share or publish the pattern or the final sculpture as it is prohibited. Your purchase should be only for you. If you have a doubt about how to use it, please communicate with the seller or the administration of this website.

Yes, before or after your purchase, you can contact the seller by clicking on “CONTACT SELLER” from the product page or even from the seller page.

If you have a question about the operating of this website, you can use the main “contact us” form.

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