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Frequently Asked Questions (Help for sellers)

UnitedByPaper has been created by Papercraft designers and for Papercraft enthusiasts.

Having this own website isn’t accessible to everyone. And, knowing the benefit of it, we decide to offer a platform specialized in papercraft to provide to the designers another opportunity to sell their creations. We wanted it to be easy for designers to publish their templates, with an attractive design and specific features in accordance with the products.

We don’t pretend to replace the current big websites for buying and selling papercraft templates, but we want to offer an alternative which gives real appeals and benefits for the designers.

By publishing your templates on UnitedByPaper, you guarantee that you have rights to the content: the products, their designs and any associated text and images.

Selling your designs, you agree with the terms and conditions applicable for our customers: “The items sold on UnitedByPaper are for personal use only and it is strictly prohibited to re-sell or distribute the products or sell items made from the templates without a written permission of the seller.”

By joining UnitedByPaper as a seller and publishing photos of your papercraft creation(s), you agree that we may use them on social media (Pinterest and Instagram) to promote your template(s).

You can check below (clicking on each icon) our official Pinterest account & our official Instagram account:


First, you will have to register as a seller.

Once your seller account approved, from your seller dashboard, you will have to click on "ITEM", then on “ADD AN ITEM” and fill the information requested.

Some fields aren’t required but we recommend filling all of them as they have SEO and exposure purposes. A quality listing (good description, good keywords) will influence its exposure.

While publishing your template, you will see several , move your mouse hover it and some indications will appear to help you. Once all the fields filled, don’t forget to save your listing. Each listing must be approved by the administration of the website so don’t worry if it doesn’t appear right away (listing validation can last 72 hours).

There are no listing fees on UnitedByPaper. The items on UnitedByPaper have no expiry date and you won’t have to pay a fee each four months or each time you sell it.

However, there is a 20% fee levied directly on the buyer. While publishing an item, you will have to indicate your price. It is what you will earn by selling the item. The 20% fees will be automatically added to your price.

For example, your price for a template is 10 €uros. You will indicate 10 €uros while publishing your template. Your listing price will be 12 €uros and the customer will pay 12 €uros.

You may have to pay a fee when receiving payment from PayPal if your PayPal account is outside the EU (check the question “How and when I get paid?” for more details).

The 20% fees payable by the customers on each template are used to pay the transaction / payment fees (PayPal or Stripe), the currency conversion fees, the marketing tools (abandoned cart emails, review request emails), the MinFraud service to avoid payment fraud, the HTTPS certificate (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) to avoid hacking, the hosting and the administration of this website (advertising and regular works as seller, review & listing approbations... etc.).

The administration must send the payments to sellers when requested, approves and checks each seller / listing, each customer review, reply to seller / customer messages (if the messages are about the website / if it is about a specific template, we require the buyer to contact directly the seller), to promote the photos on social medias (Pinterest & Instagram), send abandoned cart and review request emails, to better the pictures sent by customers... etc. 

Each time you will get a sell, the income will go in your wallet. You could check your wallet balance whenever you want from your seller dashboard.

You could request a payment of your wallet balance whenever you want. The payments are made in €uros via PayPal or Bank transfer (Bank transfer option is only if you have a bank account within the European Union).

For sellers who have a PayPal account outside the European Union, some fees may apply (PayPal fees 3,4% + 0,25 €uros). For example, you request the payment of your wallet balance which is 100 €uros, you will receive approximately 96 €uros.

Yes, but you must indicate it in the description of your listing, and, you must opt for the option “Instant Download: No, template sent by email”.

However, there is no point to prohibit the selling in some countries if you already sell your template on websites for which such a restriction isn’t possible!

When you add a new template from your seller dashboard, you can opt for “Instant download” or for “Template sent by email”. We recommend the “Instant download” option because after each sell, you will have nothing to do, the customer will have automatically access to the template. If you opt for “Template sent by email”, you will have to send the template by email to the customer.

Each seller will get his/her part of the products he/she sold.

For example, a buyer buys two templates from two different designers. Each template costs 12 €uros. Each seller will receive 80% of 12 €uros, 10 €uros each.

• Each transaction on UnitedByPaper is checked and scored by MaxMind. High fraud risk transactions will be automatically on hold and should be checked by the administration. MaxMind offers an ecommerce security solution to avoid fraud payment. “The minFraud service provides real-time risk scoring, contextual and reputational data, and post-event monitoring to inform fraud analysis, support automated workflows, and power risk modeling. “ For more details, you can check their website www.maxmind.com

• UnitedByPaper uses a HTTPS certificate (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure - HTTPS) to protect page authenticity; secure accounts; and keep user communications, identity, and web browsing private. “HTTPS is a method for ensuring secure communication between a user’s browser and a web server. It is often recognized as showing a green address bar or padlock in the browser window to indicate a secure connection.”

• Customers on UnitedByPaper don’t receive a download link. To download their purchase, they must login to their UnitedByPaper account. The download is provided for the customer only once the purchase is complete and approved. They are advised to visit "My Account" > "Downloads" to view and download their downloadable products.

No, to avoid template sharing as it happens on other MarketPlaces (people asking to buyers who wrote a review to share the template), we disabled this option. It is not possible to contact someone who wrote a review on UnitedByPaper. 

No, you are not allowed to write a review for one of your templates. Reviews should be written by customers only.

But, if you received a review on another marketplace, you can copy and paste this review on the product page of your template on UnitedByPaper.

The review should be real & genuine, and, it should concerned the exact same product

UnitedByPaper offers several marketing tools:

• Easy sharing of your items and photos on social medias (from your product page).

• Pinterest Rich Pin integration. Each Pin made on our website links to a product and provides product description / price / title directly in the Pin detail.

• You can create a special promotion by modifying your product. You just have to add a new price and the validity dates of your discount.

• “Abandoned cart email”. Once a week, an email is sent to all the potential customers who let item(s) in their cart without completing the purchase.

• You can request the creation of a coupon to the administration (if so, we will need the coupon code you want to create, the dates of validity, your products include in your promotion and the type of promotion – fixed price or percentage discount).

• “Review request”: 30 days after each purchase, the customer will receive an email to invite him / her to post a review and add a nice picture of the assembled papercraft sculpture. The picture can be upload by customer directly in the review (from a computer or a mobile device).

• UnitedByPaper will regularly post photos of your template(s) on Instagram & Pinterest to attract potential customers. However, we recommend creating new Pinterest Pins just after you add a new product (you can do it easily by hovering the picture of your items).

There are no featured items on UnitedByPaper.

However, the Home page displays the Bestsellers (20 items) and the Latest (20 items), plus, you can create a discount for an item, if you do so, it will appear on the page “Special offers”.

If you have an enquiry about this website or an issue with an order / customer, please, contact us using the main contact form (“Contact Us” in the footer of this page) or send an email at info(at)unitedbypaper(dot)com

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